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About Us

PEresults is a competition management tool designed and developed with PE staff and School Sport League Secretaries. This is a low cost solution that maximizes productivity and minimizes administration time for all staff involved in arranging, managing and reporting on competitive school sport. There are other benefits, too, including 'live results' displayed on the internet, collection and upload of participation data and assistance in compliance with regulatory criteria.

Our software links together all the various stakeholders in organising and managing competitive school sport at all levels...competitors, teachers, parents, SGOs, county sports partnerships, school sports associations and governing bodies. We are proud to have 2,000 schools benefitting from PEresults software after just a year since on the market. We expect to grow our user base dramatically over the next couple of years and hope that it becomes a default choice for school sport.

We are committed to a programme of continuous improvement and the development of the product and hope to provide enhancements by a product version upgrade at least once a year. As we have a small and clearly defined community of people to provide our software to, we would welcome any comments or suggestions about how we can further improve our product for you.